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Wedding Reception Centerpieces

"Elegant Roses" Red Roses, Mixed Flowers, Water Beads Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Select these exquisite wedding reception centerpieces for an unforgettable marriage celebration.

For wedding reception centerpieces that echo the love theme of the day, these intense red Roses displayed on a tall cylinder filled with water beads is a delight to behold. Your wedding guests will be pleased by this beautiful floral arrangement in a circular style. The red Roses are surrounded by a lush trimming of mixed flowers for a dramatic presentation that is an excellent choice for a Summer or Winter wedding.

When you want your special day to stand out as an extra-special event your wedding reception centerpieces play an important role. Let your marriage celebration be filled with the fragrance of Roses & surround your wedding guests with love & happiness. Follow this link to learn more about the meaning of the color of roses.

Please note: These reception centerpieces are a part of a wedding flowers package. Please call Flowers for You LLC at 305-340-2767 for exact pricing.

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