Double Orchid Corsage & Carnation Boutonniere Set


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Bridal Party Flowers

Double White Orchid Corsage, White Carnation Boutonniere Set of Bridal Party Flowers

Perfect for the mother & father of the bride & groom these bridal party flowers add elegance & beauty to their wedding attire

This lovely corsage & boutonniere set will reflect the meaning of your marriage ceremony in an elegant way for your parents. Wedding flowers enhance the marriage ceremony for everyone & this beautiful set of bridal party flowers features two sparkling white Orchids for the Mothers & a distinctive white Carnation for the Fathers of the couple. This corsage & boutonniere set is also suitable to be worn by the bride & groom in an informal wedding ceremony.

Please note: This corsage & boutonniere set is part of a wedding flowers package. Please call Flowers for You at 305-340-2767 for exact pricing.

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