Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings add that nature feeling while your guests enjoy the beauty of nature and the gorgeous view of your chosen venue.

Elements to use

When it comes to choosing elements for your wedding, you can really let your imaginations flow. Things like antique brooches can be the perfect addition to your bridal bouquet and doilies can act as the perfect lace for your floral arrangements. An heirloom brooch can also be inserted among the center table arrangements. One of the the biggest advantages of organizing vintage weddings is that you’re not limited to the mix and match rules. You can literally use any ancient household item to give your wedding an authentic flair. For example, delicate china teapots, heirloom crystal vases and ancient silver urns can be ideal additions to the wedding décor. You can also use a combination of unique treasures such as vintage looking books, raffia, mason jars, candelabras and bird cages to make your rustic wedding chic.

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